Case Study: alli® Diet Plan and alli® Cookbook View as a PDF

Client: GlaxoSmithKline

OPPORTUNITY: Develop a promotional product to increase visibility, brand recognition, and sales of the over-the-counter (OTC) alli® weight-loss product and to support consumer compliance with the medication.

CHALLENGE: Consumers perceive weight-loss products to be "magic pills" that result in maximum weight loss with minimal effort. For optimal success with alli®, however, consumers must make careful food choices to follow a specific reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and balance fat intake throughout the day. Consumers who do not adhere to the recommended diet will not achieve optimal weight loss results and may suffer unpleasant side effects.

APPROACH: PLG worked with a renowned physician and weight-loss specialist to create a complete guide to successful weight loss using alli® as a cornerstone of the program. All fat and calorie counts were precalculated in this easy-to-use, multifaceted companion guide which included nutrition advice, a fitness program, and recipes specifically designed to work with the alli® weight-loss product. The publication was incorporated into the unprecedented launch of this breakthrough product with joint store displays and print and online promotion.

RESULTS: Over 850,000 copies of the book were distributed through book stores and other retail outlets, including pharmacies. Sales of the alli® weight-loss product increased 9%-16% when sold alongside the companion book. Brand awareness of alli® increased in multiple channels as the book garnered national media attention including listings on three bestseller lists: USA Today, Wal-Mart,and The New York Times. Spurred by consumer satisfaction, the client expanded the program to include multiple books. The success of the U.S. edition has prompted global adaptations to accompany the drug launch in international markets.

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